lgbtq-st-george-utahIt can be difficult in Southern Utah to find a therapist that has worked with and understands the challenges of LGBTQ individuals in the context of St. George and Southern Utah. Finding a therapist and counselor that is a strong advocate for equal rights, rights for all people of all backgrounds. I feel strongly about freedom and equal rights for the LGBTQ individuals within this community and abroad. Possibly you are looking for a counselor or therapist to talk to without having to worry about being labeled or judged.

In addition to the issues anyone could seek help with, I also offer individuals and couples that identify themselves within LGBT and LGBTQ communities, the counseling and therapy to help understand and cope with stressors that are specific to their gender and orientation.

Perhaps, as you have come to understand yourself and your identity you are conflicted about or that you want to understand better, or maybe you’re worried about changes that are happening in your life and how to make sense of them within yourself.

Most importantly, you are probably looking for someone who is willing to listen, support, and work with you. You likely would like someone who just gets it, without having to provide a lot of education about who you are. If so, you have come to the right place.

LGBTQ therapy is specific to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and questioning communities and allows for treatment with a therapist or counselor that has experience with LGBTQ issues.

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Feel free to contact me by calling¬†my confidential office line 435.574.9193 or email me at my confidential email at I’d be happy to visit with you about your situation and if we are a good fit, setup an appointment to have you to my office for counseling and therapy.