Individual Counseling
Individuals may seek counseling for a number of concerns. I work with individual clients facing a variety of challenges including: anxiety, depression, stress, marital conflict, grief & loss, trauma, sexual and pornography addictions, adolescent issues, divorce/remarriage, marital affairs, general relationship issues and so forth. Individual therapy has helped many of my clients work through and and overcome difficult challenges resulting in happier and healthier lives. I have more details below on a variety of areas and clients that I work with.

Couples and Marriage Counseling
happy couple marriage counseling help maritalParents and families face a variety of problems and having a solid stable marriage is part of the bedrock that establishes a healthy family. Parents may have concern with a child’s behavior or emotional well-being. They may be struggling with parenting difficulties or the relationships they have with their kids. Blended families and step-parents often struggle with new roles and relationships. I’ve worked with a wide variety of family challenges and have helped parents and children make important changes in their lives and improve their relationships with each other. Couple conflict and divorce still runs in our culture as much as some want to say it does not, and it is on the rise. While having the answers and some self-help books does help, many couples are locked in emotional gridlock can’t see with clarity due to hurt, contention, and at times bitterness thus stumble through their marriage with petty fights and quarrels that often are not ever resolved nor do they gain skills to prevent them in the future. These couples, no matter how many answers they feel they have, often cannot get patterns worked out and heal past hurts. Patterns are ways of living that have become part of the emotional ‘dance’ or groove that couples fall into out of habit. In session, I am able to help you identify the pattern and work in manner that builds quickly and helps you engage in the relationship you desire.—————————————————————————————–
Get more details here on my couples and marriage counseling page.

Adolescent and Teen Counseling
teen help counselor therapy counseling treatment adhd
Teens that are lost in a sea of choices and/or caught in depression or negative peer networks can get help via my Life-Mapping work. Standard talk-therapy is often too clinically weak and can irritating/boring to teens. I spend time working with the adolescent building rapport and assisting them in mapping and organizing their lives from a strengths-based perspective by aligning with them to help them own and manage their own life. Consistency and accountability are taken and your teen will manage and facilitate the treatment process by homework and assignments that they do as they work through their Life-Map. I work concurrently with parents as well so they can support the counseling process while at home with their teen.
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Sexual Addiction and Pornography Help
pornography_sex_addiction_helpWhether you are facing challenges with chemical dependency, pornography addiction or other addictive cycles, the therapy I offer can be very beneficial and effective in assisting you in working through your dependency or addiction. Pornography is more accessible than ever and is impacting many of the individuals and couples I work with. Simply trying to avoid and stay away from pornography and other sexual addictions generally is not enough. Self-help books help educate but lack the real-time therapeutic work that is needed for shame reduction and recovery. Many find themselves quietly and shamefully trying to manage their lives while sexually explicit literature and media is a daily routine and often a ritual. I work with my clients to understand the origins and patterns of their sexual history and offer hope and help one charter a path to recovery and sobriety. I generate a treatment plan, with goals and objectives to help charter and guide through the difficult but doable road of recovery. I provide phone and email support as you progress through your work as well. Clients often have weekly readings, a support network, and a concrete individualized plan to work through their addiction. Often individuals have attempted to stop on their own and further falling into feelings of guilt and shame unable to stop their spiral. I work at generating a treatment plan specific to you and your history as well as the nature and origins of your addiction. The individualized treatment planning is crucial to helping you more quickly understand why, how, and what to do to begin overcoming the addiction.
To learn more about pornography and sexual addiction, go to my sexual and pornography addiction recovery area.

Areas Served
Serving all of Southern Utah including St. George, Washington, Hurricane, La Verkin, Santa Clara, Enterprise, Cedar City and surrounding areas.

Therapeutic Fit
Having a good fit with your therapist is critical to the success of therapy. In fact, research consistently indicates that a good therapeutic relationship is strongly connected with positive results in therapy. A good therapeutic relationship involves 1) clients feeling comfortable with the therapist, and 2) a therapist whose expertise matches the clients’ needs. In the first session we will discuss what your needs are and what you would like to get from counseling. If am not able to help you with your concerns, I will provide you with the names of local therapists who might better meet your needs.

Progress in Counseling
Forward movement and progress while in therapy is directly related to the efforts of clients. In order to help clients make progress toward their goals and desired outcomes, I often supplement the counseling sessions by having clients read relevant articles outside of therapy. I use a variety of resources to assist you as you work through your issues.

Therapy Sessions
Sessions typically last 50-60 minutes and begin on the hour. Back-to-back sessions (100 minutes) are also available upon request.

I see clients Monday through Friday, 8 A.M start, with last session starting at 5 P.M.

Scheduling an appointment
Please contact me by phone at (435) 574-9193 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about the services I offer. My schedule tends to fill up quickly, but I generally can work you in at times that work with both our schedules. I can also be contacted by email at