What are the benefits of counseling and therapy with Justin? 

My clients present to therapy for many different reasons. They often select me as I’m a licensed counselor/therapist and an emotional and wellness expert in my field, as I started counseling in 2001.

I tell my clients, you cannot hide yourself and expect to be seen. When you open up, you gain a new sense of confidence and courage. You build a clearer sense of self and learn who you are, what you need, and what works for you. You then, and only then, can move forward in your relationships in an entirely newer healthier way. 

Therapy is for anyone who is seeking to change their life for the better. People wanting a relationship tuned up, people needing tools and help to work through anxiety, individuals wanting a strong marriage, people wanting to tackle and overcome addiction, people who want to work through past trauma, parents needing help with a teen, people wanting to think and believe different, someone in a crisis of faith, and people who just want a few sessions for some direction at the moment, the list could go on and on.

It’s not a place designated for weak people, quite the opposite, my office is a place for people that are tired of living beneath themselves and want to upgrade and transform their lives while putting behind them old problems, old habits, old pain. 

Is Counseling and Therapy worth the financial investment?

The question isn’t about if therapy is worth it. The question is really how much you value your happiness, how much you want a life of joy and fulfillment. We invest in what we really value. When you are really tired of living unhealthy, when your relationships or your mental health are ‘out-of-shape’ that’s when people show up, that when they’ve had enough of being unhappy and they seek professional guidance.

Therapy is an investment with tremendous value. I’ve with with thousands of people over the years, helping them gain a clearer mindset, grounded thinking and believing, and skills/tools to back you as you face and embrace your life going forward.

What Does Therapy Do?

Therapy challenges your fixed thoughts and beliefs and teaches you how your thoughts control the behaviors that you’ve been trying to fix, while creating new ways of thinking. 

Counseling and Therapy has long-lasting effects, what you gain with me in a handful of sessions can be beneficial tools that becomes yours and will be useful for the rest of your life.

It’s not all about emotions and emotional talk; therapy can treat physical symptoms as well. When our feelings are buried not only does is weaken thought processes but those emotions can begin to weaken the body and manifest in physical symptoms.

Therapy alleviates presenting symptoms and issues that are overwhelming and painful and decreases the potential need of having to take medications. 

When emotions are buried and avoided, they consistently percolate to the surface over time. One can become dysregulated and at times implode/explode, or become passive-aggressive. I find that people tend to be on edge and unconsciously threatened by what they keep trying to bury. Therapy helps you locate, name, and deal head-on with patterns, behaviors, past trauma, etc.  It’s a designated space for opening up, sorting through, finding new meaning, and then learning and applying new tools and living the life you want.