Therapy Sessions
The cost for a 55 minute therapy session is $130. Often new clients ask themselves, “Is the investment worth my time? Is there value in therapy?” — Read others reviews and my ‘Why Work with Justin: The Difference, The Benefits’ article.

Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card, health savings card, flex card, or medical benefits cards are accepted at the time of your session. I also bill 3rd parties when/if they are paying for your session as well.

Phone Consultation
Please feel free to call me at any time to ask questions or setup an appointment. I typically return calls and email same day, and if not, generally within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

I provide counseling on a fee-for-service basis. I collect the session cost at the end of each session, either by cash, check, all credit card, flex card, HSA card, Venmo, or third-party payment.

SelectHealth, BlueCross, United, Altius, Aetna, etc
I don’t formally accept or bill insurance. If you have insurance and would like to use your benefit, I can provide you with documentation of your sessions. It is then your responsibility to then submit that information and file for reimbursement through your insurance company. Your being reimbursed is between you and your insurance provider directly. Get all the details on using your insurance at my insurance details page.

I do not accept Medicaid. If you need a therapist that takes Medicaid please phone my colleague Amy Brotherson at 435-669-7109.