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struggle with pornography addiction counseling in st george utahThose struggling with sexual addiction and pornography issues feel they are stuck and have no way out. Spouses often feel major amounts of personal hurt and a deep sense of betrayal. Marital and relational conflict ensue and the relationship becomes tenuous and complicated.

Often individuals that view pornography do so in secret. They do so to manage unmet emotional needs that get intertwined with their sexuality. Powerful chemicals within the brain and body intermingled with emotional processes lead the individual to become addicted and eventually unable to stop on their own. Most try to stop and are able to do so for a while but then slip back into old behaviors thus feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt leading to shame. The shame fuels greater secrecy and acting out. Often after a few days of being porn-free they slip up again and feel like there is no hope for them, stuck permanently in a downward spiral yet nothing can be farther from the truth! Healing and hope are possible but it takes hard work and clinical guidance to work through the thoughts, behaviors, patterns, and unmet emotional needs. Typically reading self-help books is helpful but not enough to break the chains that bind the mind and heart to pornography.

Parenting Resources
If you are looking for resources to talk to your child or teen about sexuality and pornography you can find them on my How To Talk To Your Child or Teen About Sexuality and Pornography page.

Video Resource
Dr. Gary Wilson – The Porn Experiment – 16 min. Great education lecture, that will teach you more about why porn addicts the brain than you’ll learn in reading scores of books, highly recommended. A TEDTalk on The Impact of Porn on the Brain – Source:

sex addict depression marriage divorce pain addiction helpI offer individual and couples therapy to support and help those with sexual addictions. Sexual addictions include pornography addiction and other sexually compulsive behaviors. I offer individualized treatment planning, specifically tailored to your needs to help you heal based on your history and situation. Having had specific training in working with sexual addiction and having worked with many individuals in the Southern Utah, I am prepared to help guide you to freedom from your past. I’ve counseled many that are addicted to viewing pornography as well as other sexual behaviors and have seen many men and women heal. You can break free from your habits and life without the compulsions in thought or behavior.

ARTICLE: Hijacking of Intimacy via Pornography by Justin Stum.

Image Manipulation Distorts Reality – Watch How Graphic Designers Do It
The video below indicates clearly how graphic images, particularly of women in digital and print formats, are altered to addict and warp the mind and confuse normal sexual arousal within men. It also creates false imagery for women and can confuse them emotionally with what is beautiful.

If you are struggling with sexual compulsivity or any kind of sexual addiction the battle can be won. Hope and healing are within your grasp. Schedule an appointment today. You can schedule an appointment to visit with me by calling my office at 435.574.9193. You need not share why you are seeking help on the phone, simply schedule an appointment to meet with me. Alternatively, you can email me as well to setup an appointment if you wish more anonymity. You can also feel free to read my blog article about confidentiality as well.